Norell Möbler

Norell - an exclusive and comprehensive collection

When you have successfully made sofas and armchairs for almost 60 years, it's easy to get stuck in old habits. But being aware of new trends in parallel with a line of traditional furniture, it’s possible to develop new designs and new good form. Norells has over the years developed both classic and modern furniture that can meet many different needs.

norell_1(1).JPGOur aim is to produce products that are not assigned to one or the other market. It is a difficult balancing act. The challenge is to find a ground that fits into both a softer public environment as in a home environment, an exclusive expression for demanding consumers. Study the website in this light. Hopefully you will find something you are looking for, whether you have a task to someone or looking for furniture for your own home.

Design has an intrinsic value that needs to thrive without limitations. Norells goal is to develop furniture with a high design value. A piece of Norell furniture is an investment in good form.

Designer Marie Norell-Möller och CEO Thomas Möller