Norell Möbler

Marie Norell-Möller

Swedish furniture designer, the daughter of Arne Norell that established our company.
norell(1).JPGMarie got her degree in design from Konstfack in 1981. Her first commercialized product, the café chair "Paris," was inspired by Mediterranean culture and became a design success. It opened the way to a new genre of cafe chairs and had many followers from other manufacturers.

Marie draws chairs, sofas, and armchairs, which many consider having a special feminine expression - a counterbalance to the industrial custom furniture that is produced in large quantities today. Through her soft idiom, she is also a precursor for the type of furniture that fits well in both public and private environments.

Marie Norell-Möller has received numerous awards for good design. The armchair "Leo," and the chair "Paris" are only a couple of her designs that have received awards. She is also the designer of Norell's models "Alexandra," "Cicci," and "Celina." The combination sofa "Deep" with its generous seating comfort was first produced in 2011